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Hmm, I must have butt-dialed you.. share this facebook post. to give strength and avoid small prizes from falling. myself so I promise I’ll never forget. I promise I’ll never forget you!. and the supplies are also easy to find. and gift capsules for vending machine like this ones. that’s it for today. and below another rectangle. gift vending machine!. by now you should know about the. if you made a coin groove. *drum rolls*. and give you gifts in capsules like this. behind i will use fabric. if you want you can try cutting another shape. measuring 5.5 x 6 cm. just make sure that the coin fits. didn’t what I said I’ll be waiting and. for the lid i will use. and a long strip 2 cm tall. so the toilet paper roll can cross from side to side. you can find them at gift vending machines. and the 13 i will announce the winners on a younow livestream. look about you it’s okay Lloyd nobody’s. or buy them at my store you ready for me to conquer Ninjago I’ll. on your facebook, using #CraftyColor. in which we will draw lines. below cut a circle the size of the toilet paper roll. then cut a hole using the toilet paper cut as guide. that last one they didn’t catch it. made with a big plastic lid covered with aluminium foil. and paste around like this. now you have an incredible gift vending machine. We have the body of the machine!. 9f3baecc53

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